Ah, the joys of summertime

Sorry for not being very active on here over the past couple weeks.  Since my semester ended and the summer started, I haven’t done much of anything, except hang out, eat, sleep, and play video games (L.A. Noire and Demon’s Souls, mainly).  I’ve realized that over the last academic year, posting on here had become my form of relaxing/escaping/procrastinating, and for some reason now that I don’t have as much academic work to do, I find my urge to post here has been reduced.  

But I’ve got stuff to write about, since my current abundance of free time has allowed my to finally start attending Buffalo Freethought’s weekly meetings.  They meet Sunday evenings at 6pm, which is a bit of a change from the Indianapolis Atheists Etc. group, which meets at 10am.  It’s nice not having to get up early to make the meetings, but evening meeting times are more likely to conflict with other things (for instance, this Sunday my roommate and I had some friends over).  Anyways, the Buffalo Freethought group has been really great so far.  There’s a good group of fun, friendly, and intelligent people who are regulars.  I thought I had already met a good chunk of the non-religious/atheist/skeptic/secular crowd here, from going to CFI events and Drinking Skeptically meetups, but it turns out there’s a good portion of Buffalo Freethought regulars I hadn’t met yet, which was a pleasant surprise, especially since the atmosphere at BFT seems to be more laid-back, friendly, and welcoming than any of the aforementioned stuff I’ve been to.  I’m glad that the non-religious community here in Buffalo is as active as it is, although it’s unfortunate that my busy schedule during the academic year prevents me from being able to go to some of the goings-on around town.

Also, Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science and Unscientific Americawill be giving two talks at CFI this Friday on science denial and scientific illiteracy.  I plan on attending at least one of them, and I’ll try to post something about it afterwards.


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